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The successes of Cousin Nick Salter at Go Native will come as no surprise to family, but everyone will enjoy reading about them nonetheless. The following is from an “anonymous source”….

From: G. N. (Go Native)
Sent: 15 February 2008 11:24
To: GoNative

Subject: Nick Salter’s 5th Anniversary

Dear All,

I wanted to share with you some thoughts on the occasion of Nick’s 5th anniversary at Go Native. As a relatively young company, 5th anniversaries are fairly uncommon milestones particularly given that 5 years ago, we only employed 12 people!


Nick officially joined Go Native on 17th February, 2003 and unofficially, 6 months earlier – the half year being a temporary contract to undertake our entire landlord reporting. Nick undertook this task with great professionalism and diligence and rapidly gained the trust of his colleagues and the landlords themselves. After a 6 month stint it was very clear that it would be a huge mistake to let him go so he was offered a full time position.


Nick has continued as he began – a consistently safe pair of hands who truly has the best interests of Go Native, his colleagues and his clients at heart. This approach has resulted in Nick being held in hugely high esteem by all who come into contact with him. He works diligently and professionally at all times and never fails to deliver to the high standards he sets for himself.


As Nick’s confidence has grown he has become an increasingly strong communicator both at senior client level, with S. and G. at Accenture, as well as internally where he has undertaken responsibility for implementing systematic processes that ensure the highest standards of procurement throughout the UK. He has also undertaken responsibility for developing and presenting a procurement training programme to all colleagues involved in procurement and has recently undertaken more of a management role in the business.


I couldn’t begin to imagine how many miles Nick has covered in his 5.5 years at Go Native but I don’t think I’d be too far off the mark if I guessed he’d circumnavigated the globe on procurement business! And in between all of that, he has found time to take a leading role in the Go Native charities committee.


The Directors have constantly been impressed with Nick’s work ethic, attention to detail, and overwhelming professionalism. While he has endured real challenges at Go Native, the fact that he has stuck with us and continues to work just as hard today as he did on day one is a amazing. He is part of the true backbone of Go Native, and I don’t think we could have made it this far without him!

Thank you Nick!

G. N.
Managing Director | â„¢Go Native
United House | 9 Pembridge Road | London | W11 3JY
DD: 020 7313 5865 | T: 020 7221 2028

Congratulations are in order, Nick!


  1. Congratulations Nick! — Though I must say the fulsome praise is hardly surprising and more than merited. Bravo!

    With much affection, Zellie

    Comment by Chambers — March 1, 2008 @ 11:44 pm

  2. Bravo zulu, Nick! Can’t imagine anyone who deserves these accolades more than you.

    Much love from the Kalish & Withers gang

    Comment by Chambers — March 2, 2008 @ 7:10 am

  3. Time for a branch office in St Louis Nick? And perhaps a joint venture with the international touring/fly fishing outfit FlyFishingAnd (http://www.flyfishingand.com/) run by Doug McClelland of Red Lodge Mt?

    Super and Brilliant Nick!


    The Dunns

    (Disclosure – the authors of this comment have an established relationship with the MCClellands!)

    Comment by admin — March 2, 2008 @ 12:22 pm

  4. Congratulations Nick! We really enjoyed reading about you and the work you are doing. I think you deserve a vacation and should come to Chicago this spring. Love, Kate and Peter

    Comment by Chambers — March 5, 2008 @ 11:06 pm

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