Delphine Polk Gatch – A Photographic Reminiscence – Part 3

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Here is our final Aunt Delphine photographic reminiscence, focusing especially on the happiest occasions, weddings.


Delphine’s Wedding Photograph – I believe 1938. In this photo Aunt Grizelda and Aunt Alicia are Bridesmaids. Uncle Polky, a Groomsman, is on the far right. Also in the photo, as Bridesmaids, are Jean Wells, Christine Love, Katherine Mahaffey and Judy Walsh. Eddy Walsh stands behind Katherine Mahaffey, both second from the left. A particularly beautiful picture of Delphine with her new husband Uncle Cal.


Delphine with Cynthia

Aunt Delphine holding Aunt Cynthia in a 1948 photo, most likely at 4410 Westminster, the Skinner residence at that time

Sarah's Debut

The quartet: Granny, Uncle Polky, Aunt Delphine and Sarah Gatch (Fehlig), at Taille de Noyer. Occasion: Sarah’s Debut in 1960.

Katherine and Delphine

Katherine and Aunt Delphine conversing at Katherine’s Dogtown bachelorette apartment in 1978.

Law Wedding

Hugh and Katherine Law’s wedding in 1979. Here a radiant Delphine is escorted by Rob Winthrop, Hugh’s roommate from St Mark’s.

The Judy Wedding

Aunt Delphine, despite the walker, attending George and Lucy Judy’s wedding in Wisconsin. From left: Dr Qun Sha, Calvin Gatch, Aunt Delphine, Sarah Fehlig, Katherine Law, Sarah Law and Delphine Fehlig

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  1. Thankyou for sharing these beautiful pictures.

    Comment by Mary — June 7, 2014 @ 2:45 am

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