Delphine Polk Gatch – A Photographic Reminiscence – Part 2

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Hugh Law notes that the pictures for our reminiscence are not from him and Katherine alone but also from Aunt Delphine’s residence on Magnolia Avenue, and from Sarah and Ed Fehlig. Thanks to all of the contributors.


Delphine’s 1933 Debutante Photograph.

Delphine waited till 1933 in order to make her debut with her close friend Judy (Walsh) Lamy. Another close friend, Katherine (Mahaffey) Walsh, was unable to do so then because of the death of her mother.

European Trip

A Trio of Portraits of Delphine taken during a European tour of 1930.

This excursion was led by Old Granny (Sarah Eliza Polk), Mrs Kennard and Mrs Schlafly.Polky, at the grand old age of 18, remained at home. But Delphine (17), Grizelda (13) and Alicia (10), together with Dan (17), Robert (13) and Eleanor Schafly (10), Sissy and Caroline Kennard, all boarded the SS George Washington for the trip. Clara, the nurse came along for her 2nd European tour of duty, much inconvenienced by sea and roadsickness.

The SS Geo Washington

The SS George Washington was a German ocean liner owned by the Norddeutscher Lloyd Shipping Company, built by the Stettiner Vulcan AG shipyard and launched on June 12, 1909. The 723 foot steamship, North German Lloyd’s largest pre-World War I ship, was designed to carry 2,679 passengers, half of them in steerage. She made monthly voyages until the start of World War I.

The George Washington was interned in New York City on 3 August 1914 and served as a troop transport during World War I. It joined United States Lines after the war. The ship was broken up in 1951. It had 3 passenger classes in 1930 when the St Louisans made their first class passage.

Dates and context concerning these photographs the product of consultations with Aunt Alicia and the family…

More to come …

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