Memorial Day Weekend Celebration

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This Memorial Day Weekend we had an especially delightful Chambers mini-reunion which was orchestrated by, among many others, Cynthia Cromie, Jennie Quick, and Sarah Dunn. The occasion was intended first and foremost to introduce 6 mo old Kenzie Pentland (currently a resident of Vinalhaven, Maine) and 17 mo old Kate Cromie (from Connecticut) to Moone Athy, and this was done with gusto. For those unable to attend, here is a brief run down.

Starting Friday night, all of Grizelda Gilchrist Skinner’s offspring except Tertius, gathered at the farmhouse for a feast provided by Aunt Cynthia. The highlight of the evening was The Pirates’ Queen – Part I, a premiere performance directed by Gin Cromie of New York, starring Queen Claire McClelland, with a supporting cast of Jack and Zel McClelland.

Saturday, the Skinner tribe dedicated a commemorative sign and picnic table at the pond in memory of their mother Grizelda (1917-1984). That evening, while the young adults celebrated at Wine Country Gardens, their offspring performed The Pirates’ Queen – Part II. Subsequently, the fairies performed flawlessly in the season’s first HOCUS-POCUS ritual.

Sunday was riding day, with Kate Cromie having her inaugural horseback ride. Her superb horsemanship was evident to all. A pot-luck dinner/BBQ was held that evening, featuring Dr Richard Quick at the grill, and, thank the Lord, Gina Osburn in the kitchen. Dan Cromie as Narrator rounded out the Pirates’ Queen trilogy in brilliant fashion to a standing ovation. The cast in this finale included Adrianna and Will Tatum from Tucson AZ, as well as local talents Cate Judy, Sarah Lin Qun, and Claire and Jack McClelland. Of course, HOCUS-POCUS culminated this perfect evening.

Memorial Day itself was celebrated at Taille de Noyer, the 1790 Mullanphy homestead, where a throng of Mullanphy descendants revisited this historical landmark. A tour of the house was given by Margaret Connors of the Florrisant Historical Society, during which Aunt Alicia provided detailed and interesting commentary. Afterwards we proceeded to Mullanphy Park where Eleanor Kalish supplemented everyone’s picnic lunch with delicious leftovers from Graham’s high school graduation party. The day ended with a visit by a smaller group to Calvary Cemetery, the burial site of John Mullanphy and many of his progeny.

A few photos capturing some of the festivities follow:

The Crewe Moone Athy Theater – From the left: Bill and Heather Pentland, Jenny Quick, Susan and Danny Cromie, Cynthia Cromie, Jim and Liza Halcomb.
The Queen Dances Pirate Queen Jig, with Zel and Claire McClelland
The Hocus-Pocus Do the Hocus Pocus
Granny's Pond Aunt Jenny, Bill, Heather, Kenzie, Claiborne and Aunt Cynthia at Aunt Grizelda’s Pond
Granny's Pond Dan and Kate tubing on the pond
Aunt G's Pond Dedication of Aunt Grizelda’s Pond Sign
Food Inspectors Davie, Liza and JT (The Artful Dodger) doing food inspection
The Chaperones The Chaperones: From Left, Sarah Lin, Adrianna, Cate, Charlotte, Claire and Will
The Admirers The Admirers: From Left, Helene, Bill, Kenzie, Zellie, (Danny in kitchen), and Sarah
The Dress Rehearsal The Pirate Queen Dress Rehearsal: From Left, Charlotte, Cate, Sarah Lin, Adrianna, Pirates Will and Jack, Zel and Claire
Constable Producer Gin Cromie calls in constables Claire McClelland and JT Halcomb to quell crowds surging onto stage after Pirates Queen performance
Jack Meets his Match Jack Meets his Match – Aunt Karen Delivers a Pitch
aunt alicia Aunt Alicia at Taille de Noyer, Memorial Day 2007
hunting lodge Original Cabin at Taille de Noyer(1790). From the left: Manning and Ralph Kalish, Sarah Law, Claiborne Pentland; Kenzie, Heather and Bill Pentland; Jenny Quick, Sarah Lin Sha, Helene and Adrianna Tatum, with Mexican guest Andrea.
Calvary Cemetery Mullanphy Plot, Calvary Cemetery. Karen and Bill Skinner with Sarah Dunn

Subsequent OurRumpus installments will present the first pictures of Samuel Sha as well as an update on the Kalish boys – please stay tuned!


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